Mill Creek Lodge at Volland Point

Mill Creek Lodge at Volland Point on the Claussen Ranch is a rustic 1865 ranchstead located on the scenic Mill Creek in the Flint Hills area below Volland Hill.  The ranch was homesteaded by the J. R. Fix Family when they moved west from Pennsylvania after he had served in the Civil War.  The couple had 9 children, eight being girls.  J.R. was a rancher, farmer, and ran the farm with up to 18 work horses and therefore built not only a large stone barn, but also a three story stone house with 9 bedrooms.  He also had to house hired hands to drive the horses and therefore built two tenant houses, the stone one still remains.

The Mill Creek Lodge has an event center and a large ranch barn available for weddings, family gatherings, and business meetings.  The large ranch barn is three stories tall.  It features an original entry way that serviced the corn crib which over looks the hay loft.  The hay loft area will hold up to 250 people and the lower horse stall area will hold another 100 people.  There is a receiving kitchen (for caterers) in the barn along with multiple restroom facilities.  The historic three story stone house has 9 rooms on 3 floors with a capacity up to 17 people. The dining room-meeting room will serve up to 50 people.  There is a full kitchen in the main house.  All facilities have heating and air conditioning including the barn.  The tenant suite is on the second story of the stone tenant house next to the three story stone house.  It features a full kitchen, family room, deck, full bath, and large bedroom holding up to a family of 5.    There are opportunities to go hiking, take ATV rides, go fishing, and deer/turkey hunting.


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